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Red Jewellery

Sometimes seeing red can be a good thing, especially when it's ruby, garnet, and other deep crimson jewel tones! Pynk is proud to present a selection of jewellery with CZ gems the colour of love, passion, and fire. Set your heart a flame with red jeweller

Lola Rose Clio Claret Quartzite Bracelet
Lola Rose Hallye Necklace Pillar Box Red
Lola Rose Ruby Rae Necklace Pomegranate Quartzite
Lola Rose Quentin Necklace Red Plum Quartz

Lola Rose Bohemian Express Necklace Red Plum
Lola Rose Eleni Necklace Scarlet Agate
Lola Rose Eleni Necklace Red Plum Quartz
Lola Rose Kimbra Pillar Box Red Bracelet

Lola Rose Compton Bracelet Garnet
Lola Rose Baltazar Necklace Scarlet Agate
Lola Rose Ruby Rae Necklace Scarlet Agate
Red Enamel and Silver Welsh Dragon Brooch

Red Enamel and Gold Plated Welsh Dragon Brooch
Lola Rose Kay Bracelet Red Plum Fuschia Tigers Eye
Lola Rose Elladora Bracelet Red Plum Quartzite
Lola Rose Talisha Bracelet Claret Quartzite

Lola Rose Orlando Bracelet Plum Quartzite Rouge Red
Lola Rose Edwina Bracelet Rouge Rock Crystal
Lola Rose Jasmyn Bracelet Pillar Box Red Quartzite
Lola Rose Kirsty Bracelet Red Plum Quartzite

Lola Rose Elladora Bracelet Scarlet Agate - Pink
Lola Rose Elladora Bracelet Pomegranate Quartzite
Lola Rose Erez Bracelet Scarlet Agate
Lola Rose Conventry Bracelet Cherry Red Quartzite

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